Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tormenting Your Children ever thought about tormenting your children? I do constantly. I think its in my DNA to do so. Some parents are sweet, conisderate, compassionate etc (My Wife Jenie) and there is me. Don't get me wrong, love me kids. But see, we live in a society that cottles way too much. In return, we get entitlement issues. We just get so sick of the (stereotyping going on here) I am owed mentality. I think kids need to be tormented, work for what they need and want and know that money does not grow on trees. Cameron will tell you that it does as that is where paper comes from. Anyway, tormenting them to toughen them up, wisen them up, and educate them. Why cottle them? Make em run! Make em work! Make em squirm! The world is rough place, whats going to happen to them when they are out of the nest? They are going to get the A$$ kicked by the real world and realize that its not all roses. But seriously tormenting them is fun and should be fun, especially if you have a teenager. "You're the idiot" is a common phrase. I am not how Jenie and I became the idiot, well actually I think he was referring to me. Hopefully one day, he will see that "its for your own good."

Sunday, May 30, 2010